We're blowing the dust off this BMW. Interior is in good shape.
Keeping the stock appearance inside and out is an important part of this project.
It will be a comfortable classic in-town and on the highway.

What's going in:

  • AC 34 motor with adapter to stock manual gearbox.
  • Curtis 1238 650 Amp controller
  • Five TESLA model S modules to be wired in series
  • Orion Battery Management System (BMS), with CAN and external SOC display.
  • 1500 Watt PTC electric heater

New paint is planned following the conversion.

Here's one of the TESLA Model S battery modules with own cell taps connector for testing.

A cardboard mock-up of three modules helps determine best fit and service access.

Test fitting the empty custom battery box and HV distribution box.
The motor controller (not shown) mounts to the drivers side of the big box.

HV Distribution box being assembled.

Assembled vattery box, BMS and HV-Distribution box.

Preparing to install the three module battery box into the front of the BMW.

Drive system wiring is well underway. Gray conduit protects wires routed in the tunnel.

This assembled two-module box mounts neatly into the BMW trunk.

The two-module box and charger now mounted in the trunk.
As planned, the unmodified stock gray floor panels fit in their original positions.

More to come, check back to follow the 1975 BMW 2002 series project.