Service Examples

Inside this classic MGB are twelve TESLA modules with nearly 60kWh!


This car was converted to electric power elswhere and arrived at the SHIFT EV shop in power-limited mode and not accepting charge attempts. We resolved several intermittent issues to get this classic back on the road. We also added the simple state of charge (SOC) display and an electric PTC heater system, plus many other improvements and fixes.

The repaired is now slightly quicker than the gas version and has a range between 150 and 200 miles per charge.



We're blowing the dust off this BMW. Interior is in good shape.
Keeping the stock appearance inside and out is an important part of this project.
It will be a comfortable classic in-town and on the highway.

What's going in:

  • AC 34 motor with adapter to stock manual gearbox.
  • Curtis 1238 650 Amp controller
  • Five TESLA model S modules to be wired in series
  • Orion Battery Management System (BMS), with CAN and external SOC display.
  • 1500 Watt PTC electric heater

New paint is planned following the conversion.

lotus_before.jpgThis project began with a customers dream of electrifying a late 60's Lotus Elan. His favorite car since childhood. You might notice body line similarities with an early Corvette and a Mazda Miata. It's no coincidence, but that's another story.

This article shares how we're greatly improving on a great handling, light weight and minimalist interior car. It's British, so "not running" goes without saying right? It will be quicker, yet easier to drive. And quite possibly the most efficient & reliable Elan ever.

The roller was purchased from eBay for this project. As with any restoration, it has had many mysteries to be solved before electrification. It's history included a building roof that had caved in on top of it. As we dis-assembled it, damage on the front right frame became evident. As one of the lightest cars ever produced, it's frail and can be difficult to repair properly. So what did we do?

SHIFT EV - Video of Electric Helicopter Conversion

In 2016, SHIFT Electric Vehicles assisted some very talented people to convert this Robinson R44 helicopter to an electric drive system for the Visionary Martine Rothblatt, PhD, JD, Author, Lawyer, Satellite Communications and Biotechnology Pioneer.
High voltage battery system being prepared for installation.

The original Lycoming (bottom right) engine was replaced by a twin electric motor drive system (bottom left) utilizing YASA motors and Rinehart Motion Systems (RMS) propulsion inverters. Battery power is supplied by a custom assembled BRAMMO battery pack.

This proeject was completed for proof of concept purposes related to Martine's goals of creating a more responsive aerial transportation system for the delivery of manufactured organs for transplantation throughout the United States. These details and more, are available in this Tesla Motor Club (TMC) video presentation on YouTube.

R44 Helicopter with Lycoming engine

R44 with Electric drive


Before we were contacted to service this nice little conversion, it had been parked and disassembled for about a year. Others with good intentions attempted to diagnose the problem with its AC Propulsion system. We resolved it quickly and reassembled the interior. Then balanced, tested and detailed the car. We delivered it to the home of its happy owner, who's driving with an EV grin once again.

AC Powered Porsche 911sc



Electric Porsche 911 by Power Station

Powered with American made DC electric muscle, capable of 400 ft/lbs of torque. The motor is mounted to the stock six speed transaxle using the first adapter produced (for this transaxle) with a twin radial bearing motor coupling system. Inside is a custom 8-pound flywheel, 6 puck copper clutch and a Stage I KEP pressure plate. It has quite a launch, out performing the gas version's 0-60MPH time.

Electric Porsche 911 by SHIFT Electric Vehicles -










 911 Conversion to electric

Electric Porsche 911 by SHIFT Electric Vehicles LLC (


  Built in 2014, in partnership with technical expertise from Café' Electric and many others

2013 04 20 18 58 17 988 sml 

Vortex F1 Prototype
SHIFT EV helped get this concept car from its designers imagination to reality on a ridiculously short schedule. When we were first approached, it existed only in 3D CAD files. We procured local resources to produce female molds from the 3D models. Next, we worked with Cobra Kit producer "Pacific Roadster", who did superb work assembling the frame, suspension, new body panels and paint. SHIFT EV installed the electric drive system on location with the Lotus 7 style kit producer "Brunton Auto", who was tapped to make suspension refinements.  This prototype car is the only one of it's kind ever produced.

Happy owners of a fully restored 1904 Woods Electric Road Wagon (originally electric)1904 Woods Road Wagon, original production electric carThe Woods Road Wagon is a production electric car manufactured in 1904. SHIFT Electric Vehicles was contracted to develop and install a Lithium replacement battery system. As ambassadors for early electric vehicle awareness, owners Larry and Scheryl are sharing this vehicle as living history and a mobile museum. Simultaneous to the new battery system design, they were busy managing other restoration challenges such as motor bearings & field rewinding, wheel rubber, lights and more.

While some restoration purists might disapprove of the modern battery pack, We and the owners have great respect for the originality of the vehicle. The lithium battery pack design will not result in changes that would prevent an original, or replicated stock battery pack from being installed later. The lithium battery pack accurately duplicates the original two sub-pack voltages, while offering significantly more safety and range-enhancing capacity.

73 Porsche 914 ColageElectric Porsche 911 on Cover of Excellence MagOur objective for this car was a reliable range of >100 miles and to design-in some impressive acceleration.
We converted it from sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries to LiFePO4 including Battery Management System (BMS), J1772 inlet - for EVSE charge stations, charger and all affected systems.
In 2011, we took our first road trip of mixed driving, including highway, city, and country hills with a mix of conservative and aggressive acceleration. At 133 miles, a 2.5V cell alarm finally triggered (under load), which was the purpose of this test (not maximum range).
The car is also quite quick. We've limited the Zilla 2000 Amp controller to 1,400 Motor Amps, so far... It's up to the new owner to turn it up if they're not completely satisfied with acceleration as it is!
This car was featured in an article called "Plug and Play: Electric 914 " in the October, 2008 issue of Excellence Magazine, prior to its conversion from lead acid to lithium.

2013-08-05 20.28.18 sml-crpdThis 1993 Honda Del Sol is an interesting part of EV history. Greg Solberg bought it to convert to electric in 1995. The lead-acid battery powered car became known as the "Del Sol-berg" in the bay area, California. It was built with features for testing a new motor controller product that Greg and Otmar Ebenoech (EV Components & Cafe Electric) had teamed up to design. The result was a fully programmable, water cooled, Sep-Ex controller that is still running strong today. Greg went on to become the early controller engineer at Tesla Motors and Otmar continued to develop and manufacture record setting Cafe Electric "Zilla" controllers.