Throttle input (Pot-Box)

Universal Potentiometer Box. Includes 0-5k ohm AND 5k-0 ohm inputs, and safety switch.
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Universal Potentiometer Box, also known as a "Pot-Box".

Provides mechanical and environmental protection for the potentiometer which is typically used as input to a power controller.

Easy to use with:

  • foot pedal linkage
  • cable (from a pedal, thumb throttle or twist grip throttle, etc.)
  • push-pull rod

Find the corresponding numbers in the image below.

  1. = Output for use with 0-5k Ohm controllers
  2. = Output for use with 5-12k Ohm controllers
  3. = Optional switch is normally open when throttle is in the released "off" position.

HELPFUL VIDEO: Tips for adjusting potentiometer value.