Arrow Body (freight billed separately)

Fiberglass, Super Aerodynamic vehicle body.
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DESTINY Arrow Streamliner Body - multiple viewsThis shell is intended for use as an aerodynamic body, not structural. However, it is quite a ridgit shape and can add significant strength depending on how you integrate it into your design.

  • Designed to displace minimal air volume.
  • Parts are made from the same mold as our own world record setting car.
  • Consider it's dimensions and fit of your driver & components very carefully before ordering.
  • Materials: Fiberglass with gel coat finish.
  • Assembly requires cutting windshield hole, installing windshield (sold separately) and usually some lamination (or other attachment method) to secure all or parts of the top shell to the bottom shell.
  • Overall dimensions: length 9' x width 20" x height 24"
  • Wall thickness is approximately 3/32"
  • Typical weight:
    • 15.6 lbs (top only), prior to removal of windshield area material
    • 12.0 lbs (bottom only) 

SHIFT EV Arrow Body general dimension sketchThe Arrow body is a complex shape. This dimensioned sketch is somewhat accurate, and provided to help you understand it's general size. For best fit, we strongly recommend fabricating your frame structure AFTER obtaining the product.

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