SHIFT EV Pro Kit (freight billed separately)

The most complete Electrathon kit available anywhere.
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This kit provides ALL major components and instructions needed for assembly of a competitive vehicle. However, to meet 2018 and later Electrathon America rules for medium height and tall drivers, modification of roll bar height and/or front frame structure may be required. Please also be aware that in order to allow for versatility in how it is assembled, some nuts and bolts and other minor materials specified in the assembly manual are not included.

Included in this kit:

Assembly manual (please also reference INSERT-1718 )

Chassis, brake & throttle pedals

Steering assembly

ABS Body

Full clear canopy (or optional tinted)

Disc brake rotors, calipers, cables, handles

Tires & tubes

Mechanical chain drive system with freewheel adapter

Extra sprockets for different drive ratios


Controller & Main fuse

Throttle Potentiometer Box

Main Power Switch

Power cables and lug connectors

Batteries (two) Optima D75/25, sealed, deep cycle

Charger, powerful 20A charger (10A per battery), fully automatic

Digital Energy Monitor system

5 Point seat belt

Steel Perimeter Chassis w/ roll bar & bumper

Seat Pan

Carbon Fiber impregnated Graphite 20" Rear Wheel

Disc Brake Set

Steering Spindle Set w/ tie rod, link rods and steering handles

Zytel 16" Front Wheel Set

And more...


Approximate weights:

Frame steel 21 lbs

Fiberglass Pan 17 lbs

3 Wheels/tires 15 lbs

Canopy 8 lbs

Shell/Body 14 lbs

Steering steel 5 lbs

Misc parts 5 lbs

Motor 1.5 hp 22 lbs

Battery 73 lbs

Controller/wire 7 lbs

93 lbs lbs

Driver (+ ballast weight if applicable) 180lbs

Total: 367 lbs (approximate)


Approximate Dimensions:

Wheelbase: 57"

Track: 38"

Ground Clearance: 2"

Vehicle length: 96"

Vehicle height: 26"

Vehicle width: 29

Battery box: 10"L x 14"W

Front of shell to front axle: 29"

Bumper hoop length from the front axle: 20"

Top of chassis from bottom of seat pan: 7"

Front of shell to max width: 41"

Max body width at perimeter flange around bottom of body: 30"

Body width at drivers shoulder: 21"

Front of shell to drivers shoulder: (5’10" 180 lb driver) 60"

Ground clearance: 2"

Front of shell to front of canopy: 9"

Body height at canopy line in front: 12"

Height of canopy line on body at rear: 20"

Length of canopy: 80"

Max width of canopy: 22"

Height of canopy: 12"


Driver Fit:

This is challenging to define, because our human bodies have such variations in torso size, limb lengths, etc.,. A rule of thumb, is to consider that drivers up to 5'-10" may be among the tallest that will fit comfortably with the standard roll bar and canopy in place. In this range and above, increased roll bar, removal of canopy sections, helmet thickness and other factors may need to be considered. Some builders find ways of modifying the foot area so taller drivers can scoot more forward, lowering their torso and head. We cannot guarantee fit, but hope this guide helps you.


Images of Assembled Kits:


canopy up


Dans blue