Quick Start Kit for Electrathon

Includes all major parts needed to assemble a high efficiency Electrathon vehicle, quickly and afford-ably, assuming you design the frame and body.
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If you're building your own frame and body for Electrathon or similar purpose, this affordable kit includes the other parts needed to assemble a high efficiency electric vehicle, quickly and affordably. Three motor sprockets are included to offer a variety of drive ratios. Note that batteries are the only major parts not included.

Two front 20" wheel/bake assemblies that accept 12mm axles
Two tubes & high pressure tires
Brake cables with high performance linear housing
12-48V Drive motor
3 sizes of motor sprockets for different drive ratio options
Programmable 12-48V 300A Motor Controller
Potentiometer (Pot Box) throttle input device (usually linked to throttle pedal)
High Current power switch with removable key
15ft of 4AWG Power Cable and copper lugs
15 feet of chain & master link (enough to make spares)
Five Point Seat Belt package
Cycle Analyst instrumentation (digital energy monitor/speed/Volts/Amps/Watts...)
Intelligent Charger, multi-stage 24V, up to 14.7V at 10 Amps per battery
Foot pedals (left and right)
Steering wheel, narrow dragster style
Steering shaft with steering wheel flange
Steering shaft mount (to frame) with bushings
Steering Rack and Pinion assembly, 11" eye-to-eye
Steering Universal joint, couples the rack to steering shaft
Steering Tie Rod(s), adjustable length
20" Spoked Rear Drive Wheel, hub is threaded to accept freewheel
20" Tube & high pressure tire, for Drive Wheel
60 Tooth drive wheel sprocket
Freewheel mechanism to mount sprocket to drive wheel
Two rear view mirrors