Bearing, sealed, 1/2

Bearing, sealed, 1/2" ID

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 One sealed bearing with 1/2" ID.

The bearing OD (30mm) fits wheels #1487, #1488, #1489, and #1490 which normally ship stock with 12mm ID bearings.

 Weight = 0.625 oz.

 When using this product to replace stock bearings in the wheel types listed above:

It is important to use a 0.5" (inside diameter) sleeve to replace the stock 12mm (inside diameter) sleeve. The purpose of the sleeve is to prevent the inner races of the two bearings in a wheel from experiencing binding side loads from the axle nut(s) when tightened. We do not yet have a 0.5" sleeve product for this purpose. One can be machined from steel tubing relatively easy on a lathe, or from a properly sized stack of 1/2" ID washers, etc.