Motor, Perm PMG-132

Motor, Perm PMG-132

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We're often asked if these motors are still in production, or if we can really supply them, and related parts. Yes, we've never had a supply problem. We re-stock and ship them regularly. See possible lead-time notes below.

PERM PMG-132 is a 24 to 72 Volt Axial Flux Motor. Similar in size and weight to a Briggs & Stratton ETEK (no longer in production) and early LEMCO Motors, but more powerful. At the same voltage, it has a 50% higher peak power output, a 40% higher torque constant, and 120% more stall torque. The PMG 132 ships as a neutrally-timed, brushed, permanent magnet DC motor. The armature is made of flat copper strips stacked together so there's no stack of steel lamination's like in a traditional motor which gives the motor low cogging. Its high power, high efficiency, and comparably small size make it an excellent choice for small electric vehicles, Electrathon vehicles, Shell Eco-Marathon hybrids, generators, go-karts, and robots.

Voltage: 24-72V
Weight: 24.8 lb
Angular-velocity constant: 50.2 rpm/V
Torque constant: 27 ozf·in/A
Terminal resistance: 0.025 Ohm
No-load current: 6A
Rotor Inertia: 1370 oz/in
Inductance: 19 µH
Continuous current: 110A
10 minute current: 200A
Terminals: 8mm

48V Performance Peak efficiency: 86%
Peak power: 19.1 hp
No-load angular velocity: 2380 r/min
Stall current: 960 A
Stall torque: 25600 ozf·in

72 V Performance Peak efficiency: 88.6% *
Peak power: 34.3 hp
No-load angular velocity: 3590 r/min
Stall current: 1440 A
Stall torque: 38500 oz/f

Rotation direction:

There is a red arrow sticker on the motor case indicating shaft rotation direction when polarity is connected as specified. The manufacturer does not address the use of the motor when polarity is reversed and rotation is opposite. We must suggest using the motor as specified. However, we know some builders want or need reverse direction for primary operation. Here's what we know: Some forums, have stated it can be done without risk in low power applications, up to 48V.  Keep in mind, if motor brush timing is advanced from neutral for efficiency purposes, the reverse direction will usually be less efficient. In a motor with advanced timing, it is often possible to modify motor timing to be advanced in the opposite direction as well. We don't know if this motor ships advanced or neutral (neutral requires no timing adjustment). Also, directional efficiency and certainly brush and commutator life may be negatively affected by running in reverse, if the direction of brush movement is not perpendicular to the contacted surface of the commutator. If you have details pertaining to this topic that you can share, please let us know so we can help other builders.

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When purchasing quantities of 10 or more, anticipate 8-10 weeks for delivery.