Second life for a BMW 2002 series

BMW 2002 Series, under hood view from drivers side
This classic was in our customer's family since it was new. The interior is in good shape, but it was plagued with oil leaks and reliability issues. Retaining a stock appearance inside the cabin and outside the car was important to the owner. Now it is a comfortable classic for in-town and highway trips. Driven by a 650 Amp AC drive system mated to the stock manual gearbox. Power comes from TESLA model S battery modules located in front and rear. They are monitored and protected by an Orion Battery Management System (BMS).
BMW 2002 Series, mocking up TESLA battery module placement

The area under the hood of the 2002 model is surprisingly small compared to similar cars. It was a real challenge to design a battery enclosure that would fit. We have cardboard boxes produced to the Tesla module dimensions for quick and easy exploring of different fit scenarios.

Connections for the series, cell taps, and temperature sensors are visible. In order to fit the batteries into the engine compartment of this car, we designed the module series connections to exit the sides and be routed externally.
TESLA Battery Modules in custom box to fit BMW 2002 Series