People who love EV technology

In 2009 SHIFT Electric Vehicles was formed to offer quality-gas-to-electric vehicle conversions, primarily targeting meticulous classic cars and hot-rods.

We love to learn and are energized by today's rapidly developing EV technology. With each new customer project, we seek and apply the best of our combined knowledge and experience. Our satisfaction comes from assembling the latest components in new combinations to make your project uniquely modern.

In 2013, SHIFT EV acquired DestinyParts.com, combining the unique offering of parts and design expertise from both companies. By 2017, SHIFT EV had grown in work volume and employee's, resulting in a search for more space. A remodel or "recycle" as we like to say, began on a 100-year-old car dealership building. The previous location became warehouse storage, while operations have been executed from the remodeled facility since the beginning of 2018.

Our work has been featured at shows like SEMA, set many records in speed, acceleration, and altitude. We are proud of the many projects title as "the first-ever...". It is in our DNA to develop new and better ways using the latest available technology that works.