On the road again, Electrified 1978 Porsche 911 SC


1978 Porsche 911SEWe were contacted to service this conversion after it had been parked and disassembled for about a year while another shop with good intentions attempted to diagnose it. We discovered a failed board in the 150kW AC Propulsion (ACP) system. Thankfully, ACP is still providing support and this part.  Fixed and tested, we delivered the car to its owner, who's driving with an EV grin once again.
Porsche 911SC repaird by SHIFT EV - trunk viewPart of the beauty of the Gen2 ACP150 system is that it contains all high voltage electronics (charger, motor controller, DC-DC, etc.) in one box with the motor visible below it. BMS modules are located externally, near the batteries that they monitor. The system uses fiber optic cable to report cell data, eliminating long runs of high voltage tap wires. It is interesting to note that before Tesla Motors developed its proprietary powertrain for the first Roadster, the company licensed AC Propulsion's EV Power System design.