Record setting Helicopter conversion

Record setting Robinson 44 Helicopter converted to Electric

In 2016, SHIFT Electric Vehicles assisted some very talented people to convert this Robinson R44 helicopter to an electric drive system for the Visionary Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., JD, Author, Lawyer, Satellite Communications and Biotechnology Pioneer.

Robinson 44 Helicopter conversion to electric - before removing Lycoming engineThe original Lycoming engine is shown here.
Electric Helicopter conversion with dual YASA motorsThe Lycoming was replaced with the two YASA electric motors shown, driven with dual Rinehart Motion Systems (RMS) propulsion inverters. Battery power was supplied by a custom assembled BRAMMO battery pack.





 This project was completed for proof of concept purposes related to Martine's goals of creating a more responsive aerial transportation system for the delivery of manufactured organs for transplantation throughout the United States. Watch the first-ever two-seat electric helicopter flight. These details and more, are available in this Tesla Motor Club (TMC) video presentation on YouTube.