Tesla P100D module coolant connections

TESLA P100D battery module coolant connect

This article is intended to help builders working with the pre-Plaid Tesla Model S and X battery modules.


Another difference between the 5.2kWh and 6.3kWh modules is the protective plastic clamshells on the top and bottom of each module. Both module types have strategically placed support structures and clearance tunnels. The tunnels are to protect the hair-size aluminum fusible links that carry current from each cell. If a portion of a top or bottom clamshell is crushed, fusible links may be compromised and fail early. Since cells are positioned differently in the 5.2kWh vs the 6.3kWh, the clamshells are not interchangeable.


On the right is a common 5.2kWh Tesla Model S battery module. Notice the two coolant connectors per module. This circulates coolant through a single ribbon-shaped coolant tube that contacts every cell once. The aluminum tube on this module lends itself to a non-locking hose & clamp. While it's a lower-quality solution, many DIY builders have chosen this route, tossing out the original plastic connector used by Tesla.

 The more rare module pictured on the left was removed from a dismantled Tesla Model S P100D. It contains more cells to create a 6.3 kWh module. Notice there are four coolant connectors because it has two ribbon-shaped coolant tubes. The male and female ends of the coolant connections are quite different than the 5.2kWh module. Without using the original connector as an adapter, it is difficult to make a reliable hose connection.

The stock P100D plastic fittings pictured are labeled VOSS PA66GF35. I haven't been able to verify they are still produced by VOSS. They may have been superseded by the VOSS 246NX series, which has a differnet body, but appears to have equivalent seal and latch dimenstions.

Be aware that the plastic connector part# does not assure what O-ring type (material) is on it. I assume the stock O-rings on the VOSS PA66GF35 pictured are EPDM because Voss specifies this for Coolant. Other O-rings available from Voss for this connector include NBR and FPM for Diesel and Biodiesel respectively. If purchasing the connector from a knock-off source, confirm the O-ring is included and made of the correct material.

On 10/13/2021 I requested VOSS to confirm if the PA66GF35 with EPDM O-ring is functionally equivalent to the 246NX series (90-degree elbow) with NS12, NW8 with EPDM o-ring. I will update this page if/when I get a reply.

Find other important details in the VOSS 246NX Assembly Instructions.


Check back later. This page will be updated after we are able to purchase and verify connectors that work with the P100D modules.